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Based in Colorado - serving U.S. wide  we drive our clients results - we do not take advantage of them

We understand -- we are just as tired and frustrated of the “smoke and mirror” marketing agencies out there too. That is why we will never call ourselves an agency. We think of ourselves as much more and much bigger than an “agency.” Agencies are ready to take your hard-earned cash without any accountability. Horsetooth Marketing was built on the foundations of integrity to serve others. To provide you, as a business owner, with a marketing expert that lives in your corner. A marketing expert that truly wants to help your business thrive. An expert that eats, sleeps, and breathes tailored marketing strategies - figuring out what works and what does not for your business. Our main purpose is to drive qualified leads, sales, and thousands of more eyeballs to your brand month-over-month. Our team provides a tailored approach to every single area of your marketing.

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We offer two customizable services that will make your business thrive!

Our customers choose plan 1 or Plan 2 from below

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Our team provides full done for you marketing services that allow you to reap the benefits of extremely powerful marketing that is tailored to your business. So you don’t have to learn it, worry about it, fully understand it, waste time trying to build it, and lose sleep over it. With this service, we only require you to meet with us once or twice a month to understand what is working, what is not working and to get a “pulse check” on the work that is being done by our team.

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This is the most common service our clients take on. Our team trains you, the owner, or one and/or multiple team members of yours to bring all of your marketing in-house! We typically train owners, admin staff, marketing managers, COOs, CMOs, and much more. This option allows you and your business to never rely on 3rd party marketing agencies or freelancers again after you complete our one-on-one training.

Our Process

Our Process

We do whatever it takes to drive your business results and we do not sleep well at night unless we do. Horsetooth Marketing is a full-service marketing machine that focuses on B2C and B2B service-based industries around the U.S. and Canada. Horsetooth Marketing was developed to rescue business owners from agencies, alleviate the common problems found when working with agencies, and provide real answers to what works and what doesn’t with all marketing efforts. We are built on holding ourselves accountable for our work and YOUR results!

Our Training

We stick to no long-term contracts, no “marketing hand-cuffs,” and everything we create together is 100% yours. Your website, ads, campaigns, social media strategies, the systems we create together, are all yours to keep at any point in time. And, best of all, we built our business around driving real results - not just pretend to and hope for the best. The reason we mention this, is because a lot of agencies out there will not give you these items when parting ways or are not fully transparent in what is yours and what is theirs. Learn more by discussing with our team today!


Reviews From Our Clients

I have absolutely loved working with Hailey. Her teaching style, feedback, and motivation have propelled us forward. The way that she cares about the outcomes of our company, how she listens, and encourages our ideas has been a game-changer. We have made huge strides in our business because of the strategies she coaches us on. Irreplaceable! Thanks!

I finally feel my marketing efforts and spend is where it needs to be and there are a lot of good things happening from these efforts. I can’t believe how much I was spending before without nearly as many results.

Less than 24 hours and 3 leads have come in! And they loaded directly into our crm. Thank you for temporarily diverting our efforts to fix the issue another company created. Back to the top of the funnel and brand awareness. These things are gamechangers.

We were spending way too much with our other ridiculous agency. Went from zero leads, to 11 leads in one month. Went from a full open schedule and way too much door knocking and cold calling to just the right amount of work from Horsetooth Marketing’s funnels. We came in to learn all things brand, wanting leads, not expecting a lot of leads and now are booked for the rest of the year. IT’s an amazing system if you stick to what Hailey tells ya.

6 leads in the door in 15 days. Booked a 60k sq foot job from these already. These strategies she has are killer.

We finally got to hire a new marketing manger through the help of Horsetooth Marketing. Our leads are insane and now we can have in house help to run the show. She knows her stuff with figuring out how to hook up lead flows to our chiropractor CRM which we always have been overwhelmed by.

Love working with Hailey. She doesn’t mess around. If we aren’t getting results she is stressed and we are grateful. She bring “boss girl” energy to the table and is brilliant when it comes to marketing & campaign funnels on social. We had literally no idea what we were doing until we met Hailey. We thought we did, but now our ROI and brand exposure is through the roof! --no pun intended.


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Get More Sales

Let's just say we know a thing or two about getting your business quality leads and consistent sales. Sorry, but without sales, you are not going anywhere new or exciting! The key is to drive as many sales consistently month-over-month and predict how to do so. Not just hope for the best. We’ve been known to get leads to your inbox or phone on the reg. And these leads aren't ordinary, they're HOT.

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Digital Marketing

We strive to do everything in our power to gain consistent brand awareness, sales and leads for small to medium-sized businesses across the U.S. We want you to thrive online through all digital marketing platforms and coach you on what is working and what isn't along the way.

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Brand Awareness

Is your ROI a major problem? Then start with brand awareness! It's the make or break to obtaining that ROI you are looking for by the end of the year. Brand awareness is key. It must be consistent, extremely unique, different than your competitors, and CONSISTENTLY driving traffic and revenue. Sounds pretty awesome doesn't it? Learn more about what else we can accomplish by contacting us today.

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Optimize & Analyze

We manage, optimize, and "kill it" with presenting facts and data! These data blueprints tell us where to navigate our "marketing ships!" With our partnership, you not only will have a master coach in marketing, but also someone in your corner who will "give it to you straight with no BS!" See why and what channels we manage on our "what we do" page.

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